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You may not need a new website!

  • We will test your current website first and share the results so you are aware of all of the performance issues and the repairs that need to be made. 

  • SSL Certification of all websites is critical! 

    • If your current Host and CMS are able to add SSL, we can do that for you! (Additional fees may be required from your Domain Registrar and Hosting provider)

  • If there are critical tools that have never been added to your website we will add them;

    • Google Analytics

    • Google Search Console & Website Indexing

    • Google My Business Setup

    • Bing For Business

  • On-Page SEO

    • We will perform an Online Competitive Business Analysis  

    • Extensive Keyword Research 

    • Our team will Optimize your website's;

      • Page Titles 

      • Meta Descriptions

      • Add Alt-Tagging to Images

      • Modify text content for better keyword ratios as needed

  • Depending on the Content Management System (CMS), our team will make visual improvements that improve the user's experience;

    • Replace outdated or poor quality images

    • Compress images as needed to reduce page load speeds as needed

    • Align text and images to improve first impressions

$299.00 ~ One Time

for a 10 Page Site!

Thanks! We will be in contact soon ~

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